With Valvecosy you'll squeeze out every little saving!

Outer case now made from
100% recycled plastic
at no extra cost


Simple, Economical, and Effective

Welcome to the Valvecosy website. Valvecosy insulates the valve on your hot water storage tank. At Valvecosy we know making a home more energy-efficient is generally the sum total of lots of improvements - small and large. Some of those improvements, like Valvecosy, are simple, cheap and effective. When we designed the Valvecosy we wanted an easy solution to energy waste that would save you money.

Why buy a Valvecosy?

Australian Made

The Valvecosy is designed and made in Melbourne from recyclable materials.


Instal the Valvecosy over your pressure release valve, with no tools needed, in less than a minute.

Great Value

In most cases, Valvecosy pays for itself in 2 years or so and it lasts more than 15 years.