Valvecosy is a breeze to fit so you'll be saving money in no time!


Simple, Economical, and Effective

Every single water storage tanks loses heat, from exposed metal parts like uninsulated pipes and the pressure/ temperature relief (PTR) valve. You can feel how much heat your hot water storage tank is losing by carefully touching the valve on your tank to see just how hot it is.

Heat loss makes your hot water tank work harder to keep the water hot. So the more heat your tank is losing the more money it's costing you!

Valvecosy was designed to effectively insulate the PTR valve and stop all your money vanishing into the atmosphere.

No other insulation system completely encloses the PTR valve and stops the heat loss. That's why Valvecosy is an ideal solution that will save you money.

Why buy a Valvecosy?

Its Risk Free

Valvecosy suits most pressure temperature valves available. We offer a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

It Works

Independent testing shows Valvecosy reduces the heat loss from tanks by around 5%. No other product on the market works this well.

It Lasts

The Valvecosy's outer case is made from UV stabilised recycled polypropylene to make sure it will last in harsh outdoor conditions.

Watch our videos to learn more about Valvecosy